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Introducing Cassy Gadsby

Head Plaiting Trainer and Train the Trainer

 Cassy is based in Cornwall, UK. Where she lives with her husband and 7 month old daughter in the beautiful Cornish countryside. CEO Lisa Carrera of Horse Hairdresser International spoke with Cassy on the phone following the close of the HHITA's plaiting awards competition and was very moved by Cassy's back ground story. Cassy’s love for horses has been lifelong. Her main love is dressage, having learnt to ride at Turville Valley Stud a Classical Dressage yard, home to the Thurman family’s beautiful dressage horses. This is where Cassy learnt to plait. Cassy has gone through the levels at Pony Club and had a go at most equestrian disciplines, from showing to polocrosse, jumping and working equitation. Her main love is coaching, she loves to see people learning, achieving their goals and most of all enjoying themselves A nasty leg break some years back with ongoing operations severely limited Cassy’s ability to continue her riding at this level. Though she wanted to stay in touch with her friends that she had built throughout the competition world, so she decided to attend the events but as a show groom plaiting artist where her plaiting skills were required by the plenty. Cassy is an absolute perfectionist with her work and craftsmanship. Cassy has run many demo days and plaiting clinics and offers a large range of plaiting methods. Together with Cassy we will be offering HHITA certified courses at beginner level, intermediate, advanced and breed specific at designated locations throughout the UK. So a huge welcome to Cassy Gadsby from all at Horse Hairdresser International.

                                                                                                 Certified Courses coming soon - Awaiting formal Dates and venues

Beginners- basic plaiting techniques and introduction to equipment. How to band, how to sew. Explanation of how to create looks and benefit from them. Traditionals Lattice Scallops Running plait Basic tail plait

Intermediate- continuation from beginners, improving banding and sewing techniques to create a specific look. Traditionals - creating different looks (wings etc) Crest plait Splitting a long thick mane for double crest Perfecting that tail plait Forelocks

Heavy Horse Breeds - Continuation from advanced.


Advanced - continuation from intermediate Show standard plaits Timing of plaits to make sure they look just right when you go in the ring Products to finish your plaits Making sure they're tight! Perfecting crest, double crest, traditionals, tails, scallops, traditionals on a long mane.

Iberian breed specific - Continuation from advanced. 

Crest plaits, double crests, traditionals on long mane, lattice, Doma vaquera, scallops - what options are out there and when to use them. Tails up and down,