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i have attended the hands on training course and found it amazing and really worth every penny paid! Lisa knows her stuff, whether you are a total beginner and have never been around a horse before to being around horses all of your life, lisa has catered for every aspect in this course.

The thrill from transforming a missing mane into a full mane is amazing and seeing the owners delight is also a rewarding feeling!

Well done lisa, for being the bravest person to ever attempt anything like this, and for also taking the time to write the course material!

Shelly Trevis

I met Lisa several years ago and have seen the ups and downs of her perfecting and creating new methods. The course is intensive and very enjoyable. Also very informative.
It's a great skill to have.
Oh and the earnings are very good too !! Happy to be part of the ship, part of the crew .

Vanessa Pugh -Brecon

I have just completed the course with Lisa and I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to get started. Lisa's dedication and passion is addictive and she is a true inspiration. I would highly recommend the course - not only will you experience Lisa's hospitality and vast knowledge and experience of her subjects but you will be amazed and excited by the results you will learn to achieve. Lisa also offers ongoing support which makes the thought of starting up as a technician much less daunting. Only downside for me is that I just wish I'd done it sooner!
As a quick update I have been inundated by people interested in my work since doing the course. I have a Facebook page - Magnificent Manes and work throughout the North West.

Helen Bailey

Fantastic informative course, thank you Lisa Carrera for making it so much fun! Fills you full of confidence knowing that your learning from the expert in the field!!
Can't wait to get my hands on some horses now ✋
Looking forward to meeting all the other technicians soon x

Rhian Owen

Hi my names Jen and I live in the north of Scotland near Inverness.

I just did a round trip of 680 miles to Preston and back for training on the one day hair extensions course with two wonderful enthusiastic ladies called Lisa and Vanessa.

Some would say I was mad, but no, it was SO worth it.

The course is very intensive, and a lot to take in.
But every thing is explained and shown in great detail in a very relaxed atmosphere.

If you were struggling it wasn't a problem, Lisa and Vanessa are great at going over things until you feel as ease. So don't ever think you can't do it! You can

Our morning consisted more of theory and prep work, then after lunch we spent time with some lovely horses and learning more new skills.

On this course I met some wonderful new friends, and now I can't wait until I complete my study cases, to which I visit my first this Thursday for consultation.

It's so exciting to see such enthusiasm and eagerness in sharing the knowledge and techniques to new training technicians.

Whether you use this just for yourself or stepping out to work self employed in the big wide world, I would say go for it and learn.

In my plans to do this I know I will have support all the way, step by step from Lisa, Vanessa, Rob and all the other technicians where necessary. I'm so excited
Thank you all X

Jen Brown

Like the review below by Jen, I was on the same training day at Preston. Studying horses at college and being lucky to land a job with them since a teenager I fancied doing something different. Qualified Equine Sports Massage Therapist last year and setting up on my own I decided I needed to branch out and do something different, something not really heard of but still I knew I still wanted to be with horses (not an office person at all) This is where I saw a post by Vanessa about training to be a horse hairdresser so I thought sod it why not, don't have any hairdressing background what so ever all just horsey based, so bit the bullet and signed myself up.

So the day came was very warmly welcomed by both Lisa and Vanessa and the other ladies on the course. Was a good selection of theory and practical based training which was nice to see as I am very much a hands on person. Morning was spent running through the H&S behind it all and how to make the pile of horse hair into useable extensions to go into reconstructing a horses mane. We all had a laugh practicing on our human models - Lisa and Vanessa with the horse hair before being let loose on the Horses in the afternoon.
We were all taught how to reconstruct manes, tails and forelocks and both Lisa and Vanessa we so lovely and encouraging every step of the way, all the time answering any questions and giving nothing but positive encouragement and positive feedback.

Although the day was long as I was shattered when I got home I wish it had never ended, it was so much fun and all the other attendees were so lovely and helpful and even came away making some new friends. Best part is there is on going support after the course with both ladies and the rest of the team only a phone call or email away :)

Lisa and Vanessa's passion for this subject is so evident throughout the delivery of the course and if anyone is thinking about doing the course it is definitely worth the money. You don't need hairdressing background to go on the course I certainly didn't :)

Owner of - The Mane & Tail Extensionist

Lynz Roo Williams

I have just recently completed the course and may I say what a fantastic course it was, well worth every penny! Every part of the of the course was shown and explained in great detail by a very dedicated and passionate Lisa Carrera, I was made to feel at ease straight away and came away feeling like every part of the course had been absorbed and I was more than ready to go off and get started as a horse hairdresser technician, I cannot wait to get started especially knowing that I will have the on going support of Lisa and her team, I highly recommend this course! :)

Beth Smith

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire course. I felt completely at ease within seconds of arriving, Lisa was so welcoming and the atmosphere was friendly and relaxed at all times. The work Lisa and her team produce is the upmost highest standard. It is evident that Lisa is the best of the best and I feel extremely privileged to have had the pleasure of being taught by her. The course explains every stage of the service - from stratch to finish with detailed explanations and fun practical hands on ways of learning. I have gained more from this course than I expected, new friends, ongoing support and the inspiration to gain experience and progress as a horse hair technican. I highly recommend this course.

Danielle Blackhall

Recently took the course with Lisa and really enjoyed it. The day flew by and there was loads to learn. Was surprised by how intricate the work is but results are amazing...would recommend to anyone. Looking forward to getting out there and starting once I have perfected the technique. Lisa and Morgan were so friendly and whole team have been very supportive and helpful.

Fiona Graham

I trained with Lisa and Morgan and had an amazing day, leant so much, really glad to be part of the team x

Clare Blakey

Fantastic day, Lisa explained and demonstrated everything very clearly and I left feeling confident in my own ability and ready to get started! Highly recommend!

Danielle Cristofaro

Loved the course with Andrea can't wait to get started just sourcing hair at the moment

Danielle Cornthwaite

Love the course i did with Andrea... Ive ordered some hair because I've got a horse to do already... Can't wait to get started

Rachel Taylor